Losing a legacy and birth of new ones!

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We enjoyed our time on maternity leave, which doesn't mean the same thing when you are self employed. It meant having my mom watch the shop for me while I had the baby and recovered from that whole thing. 

But recovery was fast, since it was such a blessed birth, me and my sister both had babies this summer. Both healthy and beautiful! 

What a whirlwind these past few months have been!

Losing dad in April was the craziest thing ever!

He wasn't sick that we knew of, but when he died they found him to have Acute Leukemia throughout his entire body, which no one knew of, including dad himself. 

We lost him so fast and without any warning. One minute dad wasn't feeling well, then dad wasn't able to walk, then dad wasn't able to do anything. At that point it had been only 2 days since his health decline. My mom and some siblings took dad to the emergency room, which he then took a few tests, which looked like nothing was wrong. After receiving an MRI dad went into cardiac arrest and died on the table in front of my mom as they tried to resuscitate him.  

Brutal right!? My mom was in shock and had to call all my siblings who had just left the hospital after being told dad looked fine and that they were just going to run a few more tests on him. 

Awful and traumatic for my family. But even though non of us including my mom never got to say goodbye to dad, we each had special moments with him in his last days. 

My family (Mom, siblings and friends) gathered in the hospital room with all of our children. Two of my siblings were on facetime with us saying their goodbyes to dad after he had passed. 

It was a very emotional time, especially for the grand kids. Grandpa was close to each one of them.  My daughter who was raised by my father, she took it very hard losing grandpa. Grandpa and my daughter spent everyday together in our art gallery. 

But as time goes on, and new things happen we each get to hold onto the memories we have with our dad. We are so blessed to have been left behind such an amazing legacy of dad's to share with the world.